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Financial Inventory Planning


Designed to enhance profitability and cash flow by financially guiding merchandise inflows and outflows. Ideal for retailers that want an expert, objective group to establish their sales and inventory goals to balance inventory.


Optimize cash flow and business metrics like turn, margin, and GMROI. Keep inventory fresh. Minimize markdowns by flowing in the right amount of goods, in the right classifications, at the right time, in the right locations.


With 30+ years of data tracking, this premier service applies AI to our Big Data and is the most technologically advanced platform of its kind. Maximize your bottom line by seizing opportunities on the class/store level and quickly identifying & mitigating risk. Keep you cash liquid by pushing the boundaries of your traditional methods by running a lean & mean inventory.


Robust 12-month financial inventory plans created by a merchant, using Big Data & AI. Plans forecast sales, markdowns, inventory, and inflows by class/location. Dynamic web-based reporting supports decision making.


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