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After guiding numerous clients through a variety of situations, I have developed 4 different programs.

Each program is designed to meet shop owners and buyers on their operating capacity--to guide you through obstacles and opportunities that you face on a regular basis. Each program has a distinct set of objectives and deliverables that deploy a targeted approach to improving your business.


Because I believe in building a lasting relationship of mutual respect, I work on a simple month-to-month agreement (no long-term contracts here!). Meeting frequency is tailored to meet the frequency and duration of your choice. Most meetings are conducted over a professional screen-sharing meeting platform. In-person meetings are an add-on option. I am always available by phone, text, and email.


Not only will you gain working knowledge and expert guidance through our interactive partnership, but you will also have access to my entire network of connections, sales reps, collaborative retailers, and service providers.

New Store Opening

This program is best for new shop owners that need guidance in starting their first specialty shop.

Financial Inventory Planning

Designed to enhance profitability and cash flow by financially guiding merchandise inflows and outflows. Ideal for retailers that want an expert, objective group to establish their sales and inventory goals to balance inventory.

Merchandise Manager

Designed to mirror what merchandise managers do. We'll optimize the merchandise strategy, buying operations, and the ability to take action.

Retail Executive

Designed to mirror what executives do. We'll use profitability to guide our goals, projects, and actions. This mentorship program is ideal for shop owners that are looking for an outside influence and an accountability partner.

are we a match?

I enjoy working with a variety of retailers with diverse backgrounds.


But I share an important thing with my client base--we all have the same underlying desire and passion: to thrive in today's retail environment.


Because I am selective of my client base, I choose to work with retailers that share my mission, my values, and my work ethic.


As a way to test the waters, I offer free initial consultations to curious shop owners and buyers where we talk shop or we analyze your inventory to the max.


Please reach out to to learn more.

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