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June 2023 Recap

Last month, our retailers posted about $6.2 million worth of sales.

June is a really important month of sales for my retailers since they're selling expensive gear, important things for your next vacation, lifestyle, apparel, all of the things.

So what was June like this year compared to last year?

It was about 50/50....About half of our retailers sales were up, and half were down compared to last year.

In general, last year the public was still buying pandemic related outdoor recreation items. And when the general population is no longer buying those expensive pieces of equipment, it's easy to have a decrease in sales compared to last year.

So we know the big, expensive things are dwindling down, but where are the opportunities?

Sunglasses, luggage, accessories, jewelry, running shoes. Our retailer sales were down, but their inventories were also way, way down. We were ready for this, y'all sales forecasting, inventory planning and designing your turn can help you save a lot of money in AP.

If you're a specialty retailer interested in sales forecasting and designing your Turn, we can help!

We also help outdoor active brands connect and activate with the unique needs of specialty accounts. Drop us a line at

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