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What's it like to work with Outside Looks?

At Outside Looks, we believe in the power of transformation.

Our mission is to partner with independent retailers and guide them towards achieving their goals, one step at a time.

Today, we're excited to share the journey of Julia, one of our newest clients (and the winner of this year's Retail Makeover Giveway), and her experience working with us to revitalize her retail business.

March, Update 1: Setting the Foundation for Success

Our collaboration with Julia began with a kickoff meeting where we delved deep into her business aspirations. Julia and her Outside Looks consultant, Klairyn, outlined baseline Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), discussed short and long-term goals, and crafted a detailed timeline for implementation.

One of Julia's immediate priorities was establishing a class structure for her inventory—an organizational overhaul that laid the groundwork for future growth. With meticulous attention to detail, all items in her inventory were categorized, ensuring they were placed in the right classes.

Another large project: Entering future (preseason) Purchase Orders into the point of sale. At Outside Looks, we're inventory planners. Our job is to know the retailer's incoming orders and guide the purchasing decisions for the season. Accurate data with POs is vital to our success together.

As Julia worked diligently to enter Fall Purchase Orders, Klairyn also took strides to establish her breakeven point—a pivotal milestone in Julia's financial strategy.

While we don't assist with branding, it's still a fun project to monitor as an accountability partner. Julia's vision for her brand's online presence and in-store experience starting taking shape. She embarked on the journey to revamp her website and social media channels with new brand guidelines, while also planning to collaborate with an interior design team to elevate her store's ambiance and customer journey.

April, Update 2: Progress and Growth

In our latest update, we're thrilled to report Julia's continued progress and success.

With determination and dedication, she's navigated through item reclassification, gaining valuable insights into her inventory's annual volumes.

March marked a significant milestone for Julia, as her store experienced its highest revenue month since she assumed ownership—a testament to her unwavering commitment to success. Way to go Julia + Team!!!

The launch of Julia's revamped website was met with enthusiasm, though she's continuously refining it based on feedback. Her re-branding efforts, including a new logo, have resonated positively with her audience, reinforcing her brand's identity. Looking ahead, Julia's focus shifts to enhancing her store's exterior, aligning it with her refreshed brand image. From signage updates to window decals designed to combat Florida's summer sunshine, every detail reflects her dedication to creating an exceptional customer experience.

As Julia matches her expense benchmarks against industry data, she remains proactive in optimizing her business operations.

With Outside Looks by her side, Julia is empowered to make informed decisions that propel her business forward.

This narrative captures Julia's journey from the initial stages of strategic planning to tangible progress and growth, showcasing the collaborative partnership between Julia and Outside Looks. Through shared goals, diligent execution, and unwavering support, we're honored to be a part of Julia's success story.

Best Regards,

Carrie, founder of Outside Looks

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